Top 10 Benefits of Carrying a Reusable Water Bottle

People around the world are increasingly aware of how much damage we are doing to our oceans and other natural environments because of the billions of single-use plastic water bottles being tossed out annually. In the United States alone, consumers discard 50 billion single-use plastic water bottles per year. Plastic bottles comprise a large percentage of trash recovered near shore and, despite being one of the easiest products to recycle, are turned in at a paltry rate of just 25%.

Our best solution to the waste problem caused by plastic water bottles also happens to be one of the most economically beneficial ones as well: carry our own refillable bottles with us when we leave home. That’s the benefit and purpose of the Aerrem bag, and if you’d like to see a fashionable and easy way to carry yours with you, please have a look at our product configurator.

Here Are 10 Great Benefits of Carrying a Reusable Water Bottle With You

Benefit #1: Reduce Co2

One of the top benefits of carrying a reusable water bottle is that it can reduce CO2, the harmful greenhouse gas responsible for climate change. Even if you drink just one or two bottles of water per day, over a year that adds up to about 720 plastic water bottles – creating almost 150 lbs. of plastic waste and a similar amount of CO2. Think about how many years you’ve been doing that and do the multiplication. It’s a lot.

Benefit #2: Save Money

Buying all those disposable bottles of water is expensive. Even if you buy a discount brand, you’re going to spend about 25 cents each. Most brands sell for much more, however – often $1 or $2 each. For those same 720 bottles you’ll end up spending almost $200 per year, and as much as $1,400 – for water. The most abundant natural resource on Earth! A reasonably priced refillable bottle might cost you $30 so you’d pay yourself back in just a few weeks.

Benefit #3: Bottled Water Quality is Low

Recent studies of water quality in major bottled brands show that people are being served some impure, and downright unhealthy water sometimes.

Benefit #4: Avoid Chemical Contaminants

Most water bottles are made from plastic that uses BPAs – a carcinogenic chemical – that can be dislodged by heat or extended use and float freely in the water. If you’ve ever left a plastic water bottle in a car for a while and had it heat up, and then thought you noticed an unpleasant flavor in the water afterward, that’s a sign of chemical intrusion. Never drink water from a disposable plastic bottle that’s gotten hot.

Benefit #5: You Control the Quality

You never really know what sort of water you’re being served. One of the benefits of bringing your own refillable bottle is you’re in control of what kind of water goes in your refillable bottle. You can filter it yourself and guarantee that it’s clean and pure, or you can refill it at a water station where you know the filtration is giving you the best tasting, healthiest water to drink.

Benefit #6: It’s More Refreshing

Your water stays cold (or hot, if you rather) for a lot longer in your refillable bottle. Most good ones are insulated and vacuum-sealed so if you put cold water inside, it’ll stay that way for 24-36 hours.

Benefit #7: You Always Know Which is Yours

One very important benefit of using your own refillable is you won’t mistake it for someone else’s if you put it down in a crowded area. If you’re drinking a popular brand of bottled water and set it down in a busy area, there’s a chance someone else may do the same thing with theirs and cause some confusion.

Benefit #8: You Control the Quality

Bottled water isn’t always good quality water. Mineral water. Spring water. Artesian well. Filtered. All these terms have legal definitions and are chosen to mean something specific about the contents. Although the packaging will make it seems like they’re pure as can be, that’s not always the case. Rather than be an expert at water regulations, just use your own!

Benefit #9: Reduce Environmental Damage

The act of bottling and transporting water around the country is incredibly bad for the environment. We have water, literally, everywhere. Pumping it, bottling it in plastic, putting it on a truck and burning fuel to take it hundreds or thousands of miles so people can have a quick drink creates carbon dioxide and other pollutants, adds to plastic bottle waste, and ends up giving you the same drink of water you have access to locally – with your refillable.

Benefit #10: Três Chic

Let’s face it, one of the best benefits of refillable bottles is that they are just so much cooler. What do you want to have in your hand or in your selfies? A plastic water bottle, or a well-designed and personalized refillable that reflects your personality ‒ and your personal values about being kind to the environment?

So if you’re looking for a stylish way to carry around your reusable water bottles, now’s your chance to check out the Aerrem bag and see which combination looks best on you.