A New, Good Look

Carrying our contribution, together

We’re on a mission to create new habits that empower people to refuse single-use plastics in a convenient and chic way. Our goal is to help render single-use plastic bottles and cups obsolete by fostering an honest dialogue about the small, everyday choices we can make to positively impact the planet.

Sustainable style

We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise premium quality and style to do what’s good for the planet. Aerrem is committed to producing premium products that are as chic as they are sustainable. A new habit that helps us take better care of ourselves and the environment too. It reminds us—and shows others—that we choose to do something because we care.

Transparently trying

We’re committed to transparency. We promise to always tell the truth about who we are, how our products are made and where we’re working to do better. Sustainability is a long road, and we’ll always be candid about where we are on its path.

Our straps are made from leather batches discarded by other manufacturers that would have gone to the landfill. Vegan leather is made from plastic, so that was off the table. In some cases, we couldn’t find a natural material that offers the functionality we need – so we’re just telling you that now. We opted for a nylon liner in deference to its functional durability. If your Aerrem doesn’t work well, it won’t get used at all. We’re having fun scouring the market for better materials and will continually challenge our practices.

At Aerrem, we’re not interested in doing everything perfectly. We’re interested in taking better steps ‒ consistently.
Our Story

Paul Kradin and Steve Bauerfeind’s passion for the environment fueled their conviction to dive into totally uncharted territory and self-fund something they knew could make a global difference. By giving people a product that’s well-made, easy to use and chic, they’re creating a new habit that lets people feel good about refusing single-use plastics while signaling to others it’s time to do the same. A solution grounded in their love for all humans, animals and the earth. And each other. Cause they’re married.

Truth is at our core. Whether it's surfacing information about the state of our planet, disclosing how our product is made, or acknowledging the inconveniences around trying to make a change - everything we do is transparent and honest.

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See how Aerrem customers contribute to the environment everyday

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“I always look for ways to live more sustainably and my Aerrem has made it easy to make one of the most obvious changes I've been aiming for. Plus, I get tons of compliments on it!”

Dana Tynan Malibu, CA