Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name Aerrem come from?
Aerrem is a stylized take on the Latin word for clean air. We wanted to convey a commitment to supporting a healthy environment and better air quality without focusing on something too specific; the impact of using an Aerrem will help a broad spectrum of the environment.

How do you hope to contribute to better sustainability?
In a country that wastes 50 billion plastic water bottles and even more coffee cups per year, we hope to make it much easier for people to say no to single-use plastic, or non-recyclable paper coffee cups, and use their own favorite bottles and tumblers for drinks. If just 10% of the 200M adults in America switched to reusables, we could avoid at least 7 billion water bottles and as many coffee cups each year!

Where can I buy an Aerrem?
We’re a young company and we sell our sustainably-minded bags directly to consumers online. We’d love it if you would share a link with your friends and family if you think they’d enjoy having an Aerrem.

What size bottles or tumblers can it hold?
We’ve tried most every combination of bottle and tumbler to test its capacity and are confident you’ll get almost any size to fit in your Aerrem. The only exception is a Growler – typically 40 oz. or more. Those have their own handles for a good reason.

Why is there a liner inside the shell?
We think it looks cool. Also, the liner is liquid-resistant so if a little water or coffee spills inside, it won’t immediately soak through to the shell. It can be easily removed and washed (yes, the liner of the bag is washable) without the whole bag needing to be cleaned. And since you get two liners with each shell, you can use your other liner while the first one is in the laundry.

Which materials is the Aerrem made from?
The biggest component is the cotton canvas shell. We wanted this element to be made from a natural and renewable material, and canvas has the best weight and structure to help support the bag. The liner is nylon, which we chose for its liquid resistance – it’s got a specific job to do and this is the best way we know right now to achieve it. We went back and forth about the straps – leather, or vegan leather? We chose real because vegan leather is basically a plastic product – PVC – and our whole mission is to move away from plastic whenever possible. We try to buy scrap leather when possible to make the best use of material that would otherwise be landfilled.

Are you open to using other materials?
Completely. There are some major advances in alternative textiles on the horizon and we’re eager to use them in our products. For one, Mycelium – mushroom roots – is on the verge of being commercialized as a fully renewable and eco-friendly textile.

How do you clean it?
Spot-clean the shell just like you would a backpack or duffle bag. The liner can go in your washing machine on cool, remove promptly and then let it air dry.

Can I return the bag?
It’s hard to imagine why you’d want to, but yes. If it’s not for you and you can’t think of anyone to give it to who might enjoy it, let us know. If it’s still in good shape, we can take it back.

Does Aerrem donate any of its proceeds to charitable groups?
Yes! We’re committed to investing in ocean protection charities like Lonely Whale and ReThink Disposable. We’ll devote 1% of our sales to those two groups – basically the same formula as 1% for the Planet, but we handle it ourselves.

Is Aerrem carbon neutral?
We are a carbon neutral company and we make our bags with sustainability top-of-mind. Although we don’t control every element of production for our bags, we make some informed estimates for the products we purchase, and measure carefully the aspects we do control like packaging and shipping. We neutralize our CO2 with an investment in Cool2Effect.org carbon offset credits.

Is your box recyclable?
Yes, our boxes are completely recyclable to reduce your environmental impact. It’s designed with zero glue or tape to hold it together. If you remove the shipping label, the whole thing can be recycled.

Customs, Duties and Taxes

Aerrem is not responsible for any customs and taxes applied to your package. You will be responsible for paying these additional charges for customs clearance. We must declare all items at their full price and cannot change this amount to lower custom fees.

Your order may be subject to custom fees or taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your particular country. However, the amount does depend on the country to which the order was shipped. Please contact your customs office for a specific amount and percentage breakdown.

If you refuse your package or the package is returned to sender, you are responsible for the original shipping charges as well as any custom fees or taxes that are incurred.

If the package is undeliverable and returned to www.aerrem.io, the shipping and return shipping total charges will be deducted from your merchandise payment amount refunded. In the instance that the price to return the merchandise exceeds the total amount of the merchandise including shipping costs, the package will be abandoned and you will not be refunded.

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