Introducing the

Aerrem Bag

Welcome to your new ritual. A bag designed specifically to hold any two reusable water bottles or vessels. The everyday habit you don’t have to think about. Grab your things. Walk out the door. Prevent hundreds of plastic bottles and cups from polluting the planet each year. Designed by George Esquivel in collaboration with GQ’s Jim Moore…

It’s time we all carry our contribution on our shoulder.

In 1 year, your Aerrem can help save

0 plastic bottles
0 coffee cups
0 pounds of CO2

Take the quiz and see what your contribution will be.

Did you know?

Virtually all paper coffee cups have a plastic interior lining that prevents them from being recycled.

Did you know?

Only 9% of single-use plastic is recycled in America.

Did you know?

11 million tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans annually.

Customize your Aerrem

Navy Shell with Grey Strap
Black Shell with Black Strap
Grey Shell with Black Strap
Navy Shell with Grey Strap
Camel Shell with Brown Strap
Our straps come in regular and long lengths. You can choose your length during checkout.
Day-Glo Yellow
Your Aerrem bag comes with 2 liners. You’ll be able to pick your second liner during checkout.
Liner image Bag image

Two chambers inside the bag hold large or small water bottles, coffee cups or other vessels. There’s also a small middle pocket.

Larger pocket between liner and shell for quicker access.

Interchangeable washable water-resistant liner.

Outside and inside buckles make strap length changes quick and easy.

Saving the environment, one bag at a time

A new option, for better choices

The choices we make, whether conscious or unconscious, have a direct effect on the world around us. Bringing intention to even the smallest decisions allows us to understand how our reach extends far beyond what we realize. Aerrem is a daily, personal choice that connects us to our global role. Aerrem shows us that together, we can change the world.

Our Mission

Know more, so you can do more

Our planet is choking on plastic. 200 million tons of single-use plastic, much of it from plastic water bottles, coffee cups and reusable drink vessels, will be manufactured in 2020 – plastic with a lifespan of 1,000 years that someone will use for about 30 minutes. Most of this waste will make its way into our environment. More than 11 million tons will flow into our oceans. Annually. Once there, it will mix with the 165 million tons already floating in our seas.

Our Story
If you collected all 10 million tons of plastic in the environment, it would form a 15-foot high wall along every mile of coastline on earth.

Ethically made, while making a difference

We have a responsibility to step lightly. We forced ourselves to consider every material we use, every step of our supply chain and every interaction we have with our customers. Aerrem has to alleviate more than it creates, at a minimum. Whenever possible, we opt for natural, renewable materials like cotton canvas for our shell, or recycled/recyclable cardboard for our no-frills, origami shipping box that needs no glue or tape.

Our factory in Mexico pays an above-market wage and Aerrem tops that off with a bonus payment so workers’ take-home pay is higher. It’s not a reward for faster work, it’s just a thank you for a job well done.

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See how Aerrem customers contribute to the environment everyday

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“I always look for ways to live more sustainably and my Aerrem has made it easy to make one of the most obvious changes I've been aiming for. Plus, I get tons of compliments on it!”

Dana Tynan Malibu, CA